Retroactive Trip Reports

I’ve come to a realization that should have been quite obvious to me from the time I started this blog. That realization is that the post that has received the most views, by a HUGE margin I might add, is the one that happens to have the most pictures.

I’m talking about my post on the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, of course.

More or less by design, my actual written content has not been particularly original to this point. I basically take the ideas that I’ve read and learned about elsewhere and do my own summary of it here, tailored to a beginner’s point of view (I still consider myself a beginner as well).

But it seems like what people are more interested in are the pictures and the experiences. In an effort to make this blog a little more useful to a larger audience, I’ve decided to start doing some retroactive trip reports. I’ll post pictures and do small write-ups of several locations I’ve been to recently, but I won’t get too detailed as my memory probably won’t allow it (sadly I had no intention of starting a blog when I first started travelling so my records aren’t great).

One of the more recent trips I took was to Singapore, where I was lucky to do a little sightseeing and took a few good pictures. It won’t be the best trip report ever…heck, it probably won’t even be as good as the San Diego one I started off with…but hopefully it will provide some value to some travelers out there.

In the meantime I’m trying to plan a new trip out for the Thanksgiving time frame, and I’m having A LOT of trouble deciding where to go. Here’s what I’m thinking in order of most likely to least likely:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Athens
  3. Rome
  4. Marrakesh
  5. Tokyo

I’m hoping to stay away from freezing cold weather and go somewhere I haven’t had an opportunity to go yet. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Teaser pic from the Singapore series: the Marina Bay Sands

Walking towards the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.


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