Understanding the True Value of Your Points

The goal of this blog is to help beginners with getting started in the points game. That’s not to say that I’m an expert, because I’m definitely not. In fact I still consider myself to be in the beginning stages of learning about points, but I feel I have an excellent foundation. I also feel this puts me in a unique position to write to a beginner audience and chronicle my journey as I learn and travel more and more.

I got some feedback that I should try to make my posts a little more tangible, meaning to include more information that translates these points into actual trips. From a beginner’s perspective, this makes perfect sense, and I wonder why I didn’t realize it myself. A beginner just doesn’t always realize the value of their points, and that’s the foundation every points traveler should have.

So with that in mind, I’m going to attempt to write several articles about what a simple credit card churn can earn you in terms of a real trip. Now, I know everyone has their own travel goals (see this post), so I’ll try to provide two options for each post: one “aspirational” award (i.e. business class and nicer hotels) and one economy award (i.e. economy flight and good hotels).

I hope these will help beginners see the value of their points a little better. It makes me absolutely cringe to hear someone used their points for gift cards or a revenue ticket instead of using them for an award redemption, because the value is that much greater with the award redemption. I’ll prove it in my upcoming posts!


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