Cut Steakhouse – Beverly Hills, CA.

This is a guest post written by frequent contributor B.Positive.

Cut Steakhouse, Beverly Hills, CA.

MarZ, a second friend, and I went to celebrate two of our belated birthdays in August and September. I, having had to cancel my skydiving + paintball birthday plans after crashing my bike on my 25th birthday a couple weeks ago, have been looking forward to this dinner. If you haven’t heard about Cut, read about it here:
A Wolfgang Puck business, Cut is located on 9500 Wilshire blvd inside of a 4 Seasons hotel (a stone’s throw away from Rodeo Drive). Needless to say, ultra luxury cars were everywhere and I’m glad we didn’t take my car there. Overall it was a great experience from the service, decor, and food quality. Knowing that this was a “$$$$” kind of place as rated on Yelp, I was expecting a lot from the place and felt that Cut still lived up to its expectations. If you’re going, remember to dress well, check your bank statements, and brush up on your steak vernacular. Allow me to take you through a brief recap of our incredible 3 hour culinary experience.


Bread and Butter

There is a server that comes around with a tray full of various breads (sourdough, wheat, pretzels, onion bread?) which comes shortly after you take your seat and order drinks. All of the waiters and waitress are well dressed, well mannered, polite, and are attuned to what you need and make sure you’re taken care of before you need to speak up.

Cuts on display

Before ordering, our server (Danny) brought us a display of all of the cuts available that evening and gave us a description into the texture and the flavors that would be experienced with each.

Kobe Steak Sashimi with Radish

This is the first time I’ve tried this dish, so I’ll describe it from the perspective of a newbie. Texture – soft. Flavor – interesting, and did not taste of blood or uncooked meat in any sense. Although I had my reluctance to tried uncooked red meat, it was delicious and so far I haven’t come down with foodborne illness or worse (that I know of). I’ve been told that I need to put a little more faith in high end restaurants that serve edgy food as this place is known to do (it makes sense that they have more to lose than I do by serving unsafe food).

Entrees & Sides:

Wagyu beef from Japan.

MarZ’s entree. 100% Wagyu beef from Japan. Apparently Cut was on of the first restaurants to get beef imported from Japan after the import ban (is there a better term for this?) was lifted.

American Wagyu beef

My entree was the American Wagyu beef ordered medium well. It was flavorful, juicy, and delicious. One thing I’d change: I’d get the steak done medium next time.

Sides: Creamed Spinach with Organic Fried Egg (left), Wild Mushrooms (right), and buttered corn (center)

We ordered these side with our entrees. The sides I suppose are not the place to be adventurous. I liked the buttered corn the best and wouldn’t order the other  two sides again. I was interested in ordering the fries to see how good they could be, but was persuaded otherwise that night.

All in all, dinner at Cut was a pleasurable, delicious, and memorable experience. If you’re celebrating a special event and don’t mind spending a bit (much) more, Cut is a fine choice.

Until next time,

B. Positive


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