A Perfect Example of How to Travel for Cheap

There are literally hundreds, or more, travel-related and point-related blogs out there that aim to help readers achieve their travel dreams for very cheap or for free. To some extent, that’s what this blog is for as well. And these type of blogs mainly seek to inform readers about different promotions and/or tricks to maximize the value of a dollar you’d probably spend anyway.

But rare is the article in which the author writes an easy to follow, step-by-step process with calculations included, and one that clearly shows the savings and value derived by putting a little thought to achieve maximum travel benefits.

Last week in this article, Travel by Points wrote an extremely useful explanation for achieving the maximum discount on a Marriott hotel room, getting back between 50%-100% in value. And as a few comments have noted in that article, there are actually a few other ways to get even more value back.

I think this article is important for two reasons: 1) The obvious fact that Marriott stays can be had for pretty darn cheap, and 2) This type of discount can be applied to lots of other hotel, airline, rental car, and even regular old shopping deals…as long as you put in some thought.

This Marriott example is kind of a perfect storm of opportunities, so I’m not saying this type of deal is available for everything. But there are certainly opportunities to save quite a bit of money if you put in a little time to learn the ins and outs.


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2 responses to “A Perfect Example of How to Travel for Cheap

  1. Thanks for the kind words and introduction, marZ! Hope to meet you guys in person one day.

    • Anytime…thanks for the awesome article! We’ll both be at Frequent Traveler University in Los Angeles late November, if you’re there. Hopefully we’ll have a chance there or somewhere else one day!

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