Travel Blogging For a Living

This is a guest post written by frequent contributor B.Positive.

As many young adults growing up in California may attest to, my journey to find my identity, purpose, and place in this world has proven and continues to be a long, confusing, and difficult one. I am constantly searching for the career that will call my name to enable me to change the world (as infinitesimal of a change it may be) and leave my legacy. Over the years, I’ve looked for this opportunity down many paths and have yet to find a path to call my own. Foolishly, I’ve looked for get-rich-quick schemes as well thinking that if I were rich I’d have the time and resources to go find what I am supposed to do with my life. The results and consequences of this thinking are better left to another post.

What motivated me to write this post is an incredibly insightful, detailed, and informative articled by JetSetCitizen titled “Why Travel Blogging is a Lousy Way to Earn Money Online”.

Looking at my life, I am easily infatuated by new ideas that I think could be the answer to my problems (finding my calling, completing my dreams & bucket list activities, becoming rich beyond my wildest imaginations) and it is refreshing and appreciated when someone takes the effort to write a post on why things don’t work sometimes. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the idea that travel blogging could someday pay the bills and allow me to travel the world and meet people while the ads I generate my from blog would enable me to live in luxury (or whatever luxury I could make of it).

JetSetCitizen seems to have a lot of insight, experience, and perspective on the world of travel blogging, earning income online, and on personal development and I’ve come across his article thanks to marZ’s diligence in keeping up with the travel blogging world. His article has much more information, tips, examples, and arguments that will show you how difficult travel blogging for a living really is to help those amateur travel bloggers who have recently caught the spark really consider the career from a more thought out and realistic perspective.

I’ve really come to appreciate his honesty and candor about living this life full time. His examples and calculations really helps me take off the rose-tinted glasses to see the sometimes harsh realities of travel blogging for a living. Sometimes, honesty really is the best policy. (that’s no excuse not to be polite or respectful. You can do both).

If you’re bored and/or miserable at work and daydream about being rich or living the easy life, read this article before you make any drastic decisions (quitting your job, selling your house, or other similarly ridiculous things) READ HIS POST.

Even if you were never interested in doing it full time, this article will provide you an interesting look into the life of a travel blogger and into the life of other professionals in the industry.

Short post, just thought I’d share to help out those who are suffering from momentary identity/career crisis like I am.

Until next time,


P.S. Personal Development Stuffs:

1. Mindfest is going on (for free) this week. Endorsed by Steve Pavlina, those of you interested in personal growth should check it out.

2. Interesting TED talks I found this week:


Have you taken away opportunities to enrich your life because you were afraid of something? I challenge you to face (or at least think about) your fears.

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