Buy 22K UA/US/AA Miles for Less than $200!

UPDATE: According to The Points Guy, this is a TARGETED promotion. I suggest you NOT take part in this promotion unless you were targeted! Bad on Wyndham for not mentioning this anywhere!


Interested in getting 22K miles for really cheap? Of course you are!

Right now Wyndham Hotels is having a promotion where you can earn 16K Wyndham Rewards points per stay (up to 3 times) on stays at 20 select hotels. This promotion stacks on top of their Fall promotion which gives 5,500 points every second stay until November 26.

Wyndham Rewards points transfer to a pretty decent list of airlines at a 2.5 to 1 ratio.

As Gary from View from the Wing points out, the Orlando option has hotel nights at $56.60, taxes included. And he points out the rules of Wyndham’s program say that you don’t even need to show up to be awarded the points.

Say you book 3 separate nights. You’ll earn:

  • 16K x 3 = 48K (select hotels)
  • 5.5K (Fall promotion for second night)
  • 3 nights x $51 (base rate) x 10 points/dollar earning rate = 1,530 points
  • TOTAL: 55,030 points

Since you’d need 56K points to do a perfect airline miles transfer, make note of this promotion that gives an extra 1K points on top of the best rate!

Those points at a 2.5 to 1 ratio give you 22K points, a ratio of .7 cents (that’s 7/10ths of a cent). Even a nightly rate of $80 means you’ll buy points at just a penny each, which is still a great deal.

Warning: Gary’s article notes that according to Deals We Like (who detailed the old version of this promotion), the Orlando hotel was canceling some reservations and not charging your credit card. If this happens, you lose nothing but the time you took to book the hotel, but you don’t get any points either obviously.

If you can find a cheap room there’s really nothing to lose here. It’s a no-brainer in terms of buying points for cheap.

Other ways to maximize earning:

  • Use your Chase Freedom Card – 5x points for Hotels this quarter
  • Book via BigCrumbs (this is my referral link) to earn 2.1% cash back

For those of you wondering, 25K points is a round trip economy ticket OR a one-way first class ticket. Those could cost anywhere from $500-$1,000 depending on when/where you book the ticket, so these 22K points are EXTREMELY valuable!

If you have any other tips, feel free to share!

For an additional resource besides the one noted above, I recommend you check out this article from Deals We Like today. I also love Loyalty Traveler’s breakdowns.


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  1. Thanks! I signed up for Big Crumbs via your link.

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