US Airways Club at LAX Terminal 1

If you’re flying US Airways from LAX, you’re probably flying from Terminal 1. I was on one of two LAX-PHL red-eyes offered by US from Los Angeles, opting for the cheaper 10:10PM flight.

If you’re ever making use of this lounge make sure you take note of the open/closing times. This one closes at 10PM, which I think is a little early considering US has several flights departing after midnight. The time happened to work out perfectly for my flight this time.

Art at the entry walkway

Getting to the lounge isn’t as straightforward as it should be (which is the case at many lounges I’ve found). After clearing security you need to hook a u-turn to your left, then walk up a walkway to the lounge. Once you make that u-turn you’ll start seeing some signs.

There’s some colorful art on the walk up to the lounge. It kind of gives you hope of what’s to come, but you’ll find everything as standard as usual.

All the standard foods

The food options were all the normal items. Some apples, stale trail mix, chips, salsa, and crackers. The one thing that was a little different was Milano cookies, which was a nice change.

The bar

The bar was small and I didn’t make use of it at all, opting for water instead. They did a last call for alcohol at exactly 9:23PM.

One of the three small seating areas

Expanded shot of seating area

The seating was broken into three separate areas. There was another area that looked just like the pictures above (which are both of the same room). The third was a smaller area with open tables. There were also at least 6 work stations that were pretty empty, so I elected to take one of them.

When I got in to the lounge around 9PM it was very full. The pictures above don’t show that many people because I didn’t take pictures until a big group left, but it would have been hard to find a seat.

Four work stations. There were at least two more separate from these.

The work stations all had power outlets as you’d expect. I didn’t get a chance to test the internet so I can’t speak to whether it’s fast or not.


I like how the pink soap pops against the dull grey color scheme

The bathroom wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be but definitely wasn’t anything special. It was small like the rest of the lounge, but clean.

Overall, this lounge was dull, dark, and pretty boring. There were no windows so not much to look at besides the TVs. It was just the basics, but sure beats sitting outside in the terminal!


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3 responses to “US Airways Club at LAX Terminal 1

  1. I’ve never flown US Airways and flew Southwest once out of LAX a long while back, but since both of those are in T1, I’m guessing a Southwest passenger could access the US Club? AMEX Plat gives US Club access to any passenger (not just US passenger) …

    • Yeah you definitely don’t have to be flying US to access the lounge if you have the Platinum card. They have never asked me for my boarding pass, but I was asked which airline I was flying on (she needed to enter it in to her computer, but shouldn’t matter what airline I say).

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