The Visa Infinite Exclusive Card – Made of Gold & Diamonds…Literally.

This is the card every credit card churner should have in their sights. The benefits are exclusive and the feel and look of the card puts the Chase Sapphire Preferred card to shame. It’s the Visa Infinite Exclusive Card.

Here are the benefits:

  • Airport lounge access
  • Concierge Service
  • Discounts at Hotels and Restaurants
  • Car Hire
  • Life and Health Insurance (a $250K+ benefit)

You also get a free iPhone 5 and Montblanc card case if approved. Additionally, you get two cards: the first made of Pure Gold, 26 Diamonds, and Mother of Pearl. The second is grade A genuine plastic.

The Visa Infinite Exclusive Card – Made of Pure Gold, 26 Diamonds, and Mother of Pearl

The yearly fee is waived the first year, and is $2,000 thereafter. There is also a simple one-time fee of $100,000 ($35,000 of this gets deposited into your account for use).

I recommend this card for people who are big spenders and/or do not have health or life insurance. If you happen to be in the market for an iPhone 5, this is basically two birds with one stone.

The catch: You must be a resident of Kazakhstan, and only 100 are available.

The card is available from Sberbank-Kazakhstan, and you can get more information about it directly from their website here (you’ll need to translate the page).

I originally heard about this card from a coworker, who sent me the link to an ABC News article discussing it here.


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