US Airways Club at PHL Concourse B/C

If you read my review of the US Airways Club at LAX, you’ll know that it was not very impressive. Keep in mind that Los Angeles isn’t a US Airways hub, so I expect a lot more from the one in Philadelphia since it’s a one of three US Airways hubs (PHX and CLT are the others).

To put it simply, the Philadelphia lounge was A LOT better.

I had a three hour layover in Philly so there was plenty of time for me to explore. My next flight was leaving from Terminal F, which is separate from the main airport and handles the smaller planes (my next flight was a very short one). It just so happens that Terminal F is under heavy construction, and that means the US Airways Club there was closed.

Not really a huge deal since I had such a long layover and had plenty of time to go back, but I wish there was a sign somewhere that mentioned it was closed. None of the terminal’s maps mentioned it was closed – I had to ask an airport employee where the lounge was before I was told I had to go back to the main airport.

After the quick bus ride back, I checked the map and found the general area where the lounge was. I must have been really tired, because I couldn’t find where the door was again didn’t see any signs for it. I asked someone at the information desk and thankfully found out it was just a few steps and a short elevator ride away. Alternatively, there were escalators on the other side of the terminal that take you upstairs to the lounge. The lesson learned is that it’s on the second floor of Concourse B/C!

One of the two entries to the lounge.

Once I figured out where it was, I checked in using my Amex Platinum card (which provides free access to US Airways Clubs no matter what airline you’re flying with that day) and was finally able to relax.

Check-in counter

The check-in counter and the lounge itself were pretty dead given that it was 7am on a Saturday morning. So far it’s already looking better than LAX because they have, you know…lights and windows.

There’s no mirror here – the lounge is really that big!

This lounge was a lot bigger than I was expecting. It was furnished similarly to the LAX lounge, but there was a lot more of it and it was a lot more well-lit. And again, the entire place was essentially empty because of the time and day.

One side of the lounge had a view into a food court.

One of the seating areas.

There were a few different types of seating areas. The ones towards the middle of the lounge were like the photo above.

One of the seating areas with a TV.

To one side of the lounge were either sitting areas with a TV (like above) or a view of the runway and gates. There were also quite a few work spaces exactly like the ones at LAX (and CLT if you’ve been there).

Some of the work spaces, only one of which was visibly occupied.

The coffee and snack area.

There were a couple of coffee/snack areas on either side of the bar. To my surprise there were fewer snacks here than at the LAX lounge. There were just a few bagels, fruits, crackers, and chips. I kind of expected more given how much better the rest of the lounge was compared to Los Angeles, but it wasn’t a big deal for me since I bought breakfast outside the lounge and brought it in.

The Bar

The bar had all the usual items, and was twice the size of the one in Los Angeles. This one was a little unique because there was a seating area with cafe-style tables and chairs beside it (you can see them in the far side of this picture).

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the restroom because there were a few people inside and I didn’t want to look like a total creeper. But again, using the LAX one as a comparison, the restroom here was much larger and better.

Other items of note: There were power outlets at or near most seats in case you need to plug in. Wifi was free and no access code was needed – just turn on and accept the user agreement. It was sufficiently fast when I was using it, but again I was there early morning when there weren’t that many others making use of it.

This lounge has everything you need, besides actual food. There are plenty of seating options and it’s a perfect place to relax or get some work done before your flight. I recommend using this lounge as opposed to the lounge in Terminal F, which would likely be much smaller if it were open (although it might be worth a look after the renovation).


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