Business Class to Hong Kong, First Class Back

Right now, I’m on plane on my way to Hong Kong. It’s a destination that I’ve wanted to go to for quite some time (it’s on my bucket list), and I’m finally going to be able to get there for a few nights.

I’m lucky because I got a ticket on Asiana’s 777, which means that I get to try their hilariously named Quadra Smartium product. I also get to try the service of the airline that won all kinds of Skytrax awards recently. I booked my one-way ticket to Hong Kong for fairly cheap: I used miles I purchased from AviancaTaca Lifemiles program for a very cheap price, making my one-way ticket about $800. That’s an EXCELLENT price, especially considering a round trip ticket on this route usually costs about $4,500.

Hopefully I’m catching some z’s like this guy!

I’ll be spending 3 nights in Hong Kong and one night in Macau so I’ll be able to review a couple of hotels, including the brand new Sheraton Macau. I’ll make a detailed post later on how I booked my rooms, but I chose to pay instead of use points this time.

On my way back, I’ll be able to knock another item off my bucket list by taking Singapore Airlines’ first class (not the A380 suite), which I booked using points plus taxes. I’m VERY excited for this flight, and I’m almost looking forward to my flights as much as the destination! I’m only spending four nights in Hong Kong, so the first class flight back should be perfect for me to get some rest! Again, I’ll do a post on how/why I chose Singapore First when I do a full trip report.

Singapore Airlines First Class!

You likely won’t see many posts from my in the next few days unless I really do a lot of writing on my flights (which is very possible), but hopefully I’ll have some interesting posts when I return!


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