A Points Website You Should Really Bookmark

Everyone has heard of Gary at View from the Wing, Lucky from One Mile at a Time, Daraius from Million Mile Secrets, and Brian aka The Points Guy. These are the big, popular points/miles bloggers (among many others). Despite a few rants from me about them here and there, I always note they provide extremely valuable information for many many people, and I highly recommend you follow each of them closely.

There are a few other people, however, that have oodles of wisdom and knowledge that can greatly advance your points earning strategies, or even change the way you think about them. One of these people, who I’ve only ever known through his very informative Twitter account, has a blog but hadn’t posted in many months…except now he’s posted several times in the last couple of weeks. He’s been part of loyalty programs for over 25 years and has attained quite a bit of knowledge in that time.

I’m talking, of course, of Mr Pickles and his blog at TheMrPickles.com.

Mr Pickles is different. He usually doesn’t talk about the “normal” deals or methods of accruing points. When he writes on either Twitter or on his blog, he gives you hints and points you in a certain direction only – rarely does he give full answers and never does he give step-by-step procedures. He wants to help you, but it also looks like he wants you to help yourself.

This is Mr Pickles. No really, it is. When I see this bird appear in my Twitter feed, I read the tweet immediately. Then I attempt to figure out the riddle.

I covered the topic of “giving answers away” in my most popular post a few weeks ago. Mr Pickles seems to fall in to the third category of people I talked about – the ones that don’t care about how many people know about the deal, but prefer they put in effort to figure it out on their own rather than being handed step-by-step directions.

It’s hard to describe what he actually writes about. He covers many topics but looks at things from a different angle. He thinks outside the box, and also points out a few things that others on FlyerTalk have figured out as well. He writes infrequently on his blog (at least thus far), and when he does it’s short and to the point.

He’s much more active on Twitter and sometimes gives valuable nuggets of information, one of which I was able to use on my recent trip to Hong Kong and Macau (a massive trip report is in the works). His simple tweet literally saved me hundreds of dollars on my hotel rooms. The only thing is, he doesn’t give it away. You have to read between the lines and solve the riddle. Sometimes he teases, but there’s usually something of value in what he says. Make sure you follow him on Twitter because he’ll post there before he posts on either FlyerTalk or his blog.

Oh, and he also mentioned to me that he’ll have another post of interest to international travelers coming up soon. You’ll want to read that one.

I mentioned I’ve never met him before despite living in the same general geographic area, but he will be at FTU next week and hope to meet him there. I know he is a big fan of networking with others in the miles and points game, as are others like Hack My Trip. Listen to these guys, because they know what they’re talking about.

I’ve added Mr Pickles to my blogroll to the right of this page – you’ll learn a lot if you follow him closely!

But not literally – stalkers are bad.


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2 responses to “A Points Website You Should Really Bookmark

  1. FYI, it’s Daraius.

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