Travel Summary – 11/27/12

It’s been a quiet week in the points world – my hunch is everyone is preparing for FTU this coming weekend. I’ll be there…will you?

  • Frugal Travel Guy has an insightful post on how airlines value their points…and it’s WAY less than you think!
  • Gary explains how Award Wallet created a workaround to display Delta miles again!
  • Gary also found out that Amex will have a 35% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic! That’s an 80% bonus on Hilton points according to The Points Guy!
  • Angelina is turning one, and she’s giving away free stuff!
  • Mr Pickles explains how Costco used to give away free points, and teases that they still sort of do!
  • Stacy is giving away a year of Executive Status with National Car Rental!


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