Holiday Giveaway Winners Announced!

Remember the fine print I had in my giveaway? Where I said “I reserve the right to change this drawing and do whatever I want with these prizes. So don’t do anything weird?” Well, you guys did something weird, so I’m changing the giveaway.

The points community is full of a bunch of like-minded people, apparently. I had 3 unique prizes (4 prizes in all), and every single person that entered wanted only the Avios. With that in mind, I’ve decided to give away FOUR sets of Avios and save the GoGo internet pass and Southwest drink coupons for myself!

I used for all the drawings. The results are below:

Facebook Winner: there were only nine entries on my new Facebook page, so you had the best chance there.


Natalie Merrill had the 8th comment and is the Facebook winner! Congratulations!

Blog Comment Winner: there were 18 comments on my blog post.

Blog Post

sjbvision had the 12th comment and is the blog comment winner! Congratulations!

Twitter Winner: there were 14 entries that tweeted @TravelSummary using #TravelSummaryRules. There are two winners from Twitter.

Twitter 1

Twitter 2

@CarlaTheriot is the first winner. @garion00 is the second winner. Congratulations to both of you!

The winners will be contacted today. Congratulations on your free Avios!


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