Travel Summary – 12/21/12 – The World is NOT Ending Edition

Today was one of those days where a certain theme emerged in the points world. That theme was one of ethics and deciding what the “right” thing to do is, and that gives me hope that the world is not, in fact, ending.

  • The Frequent Miler explains how he finds “the line” when deciding what deals to take advantage of!
  • Travel Blogger Buzz did some hilariously fantastic investigative work on how every blogger and their mom wrote about the “new” US Airways credit card offer!
  • Likewise, Mommy Points expressed her confusion about the “new” US Airways credit card offer!
  • Stacey at Very Good Points is on a roll this week as she discusses how to find “the line” by providing a range of real-life examples!
  • Angelina from Just Another Points Traveler tells us about a way to possibly earn 3,000-4,500 Club Carlson Points for free!
  • MilesQuest wonders whether spending so much on credit cards is a sound financial decision!


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8 responses to “Travel Summary – 12/21/12 – The World is NOT Ending Edition

  1. VGP is on a roll of sounding “holier than thou” to the rest of us, including picking on Lucky for something that wasn’t his doing. Must be nice to throw spitballs from the back when your company picks up the tab and you pick up the points.

    • I personally didn’t see it as picking on Lucky – I thought it was more her wondering what others thought about it. She never really said it was wrong or unethical, though she did imply that it was.

      • She didn’t imply it, she said it — “I’m sure some glitch in Emirates system allowed the points to post. I wondered myself, is this fair? The commenter’s on the post seemed pretty split in their opinions. What would you do in this scenario? Would you keep the points? Would you alert the airline to the error?”

        There was absolutely no error or glitch there. The only “error” was on the part of BA for putting him on a revenue EK flight when he would have made his original BA connection anyway, but once they paid EK for the fare, everything was legitimate. The mileage earning is between Lucky, EK, and AS, and according to those 2 airlines, they were compensate properly for the miles.

        Had Lucky been on a revenue BA fare, then he could have asked for ORC and Avios/tier points. That might spark some controversy, but even I think that doesn’t cross the line because as travelers, we sometimes choose to stick with one airline for the earnings and original routing credit protects us in IRROPS.

        • Don’t get me wrong, I agree that it was absolutely legitimate mileage earning and nothing deceptive was done at all. When she says “I’m sure some glitch in Emirates system allowed the points to post” I don’t take that as her saying Lucky was wrong, I take it as her saying Emirates was wrong.

          Semantics, but I think we’re on the same page.

  2. My intent was to ask if Emirates was wrong, was it fair for miles to post to someone’s account. It could have been anyone’s account, Ben just happened to post about the same week I wrote this post. I posed the question to get responses and feedback. After reading an explanation from Mr Pickles, I understand that Emirates bought an F fare and that’s why the points posted….not a computer glitch. I have nothing against Ben, just interested in blogging about something other than credit cards and what promos are out. Looking for more through provoking topics.

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