Hi! If you’ve made it to this page I’m hoping you’ve found at least some part of this blog useful or at least interesting. I was lucky to do a bit of traveling when I was relatively young, and I caught the travel bug from a pretty young age. When I grew up I found out that traveling is really expensive…but once I discovered the points world, the rest of the real world opened up!

My goal is to do awesome things and go to awesome places around the world as cheaply as possible, and in many cases, I’m able to do it for nearly free. You see, smart credit card signups and thoughtful spending can enable you to get to places you never thought possible…and get there in style. I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I learn a few things about travel and hopefully teach you a thing or two also!

One of my goals is also to bring you back to reality a bit. I feel that some of the big points/travel bloggers try to entice you to sign up or participate in certain things that may not always be a smart thing to do or attainable for folks with an average salary. It’s very easy to get carried away in the points game, so I’ll provide a reality check if needed. What that means is anything is fair game for me to comment on!

What I’ll try not to do is write about the same stuff as as those points bloggers. That’s what they do, and it’s what their good at. There’s no need for me to repeat it, but I might discuss it from a different perspective.

And that’s what Travel Summary is: Travel and Loyalty Points…from a different perspective.


Oh and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @TravelSummary or on Facebook for exciting news and updates!


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