Bucket List

On this page, I lay out what trips I hope/plan to take using any method possible. In general, these are things that I could not afford using cash alone, so it’s likely going to require (lots of) points to attain. I’ll cross them off as I achieve them, and link to a trip report once I’m (hopefully) able to review it.

Singapore Airlines First Class

Why? Because Singapore Airlines’ first class has been rated number one on every travel list ranking for several years. Thankfully I have some extended family in Singapore, so I’m just waiting for my cousin  to get married to force me to do this one! Note that I’m not going for the A380 suite…I don’t have a million points to burn!

The Plan – I’ve been racking up Amex points any way I can, and hope to transfer directly to Singapore Airlines in order to book on points. It’s still a ton of points, but I’m determined to cross this off my list!

I cant wait to use this seat! Or should I call it a bed?

Over-water Hotel Room (i.e. Maldives, Bali, Bora Bora)

Why? Because these are often located in the most remote, but beautiful, beach settings in the world. They also happen to be among the most expensive rooms in the world to book, often seeing rates at well over $1K a night.

The Plan – As of right now, transferring points from Chase to Hyatt seems the best bet to make this happen. It takes 22K points for a room at any Hyatt in the world, so a couple big Chase sign up bonuses (including the Chase Hyatt card which gives 2 free nights anywhere) should get me a few nights in one of these exclusive locations.

I know they look like crappy huts…

…but these bad boys are full on luxury suites! Private pool and all…


Istanbul, Turkey

Why? A blend of modern Europe mixed with a Middle Eastern flavor, Turkey is full of amazing historical monuments and good food. Throw in some fancy hotels and the fact the country is easy to access via rewards points and it’s a must-see city!

The Plan – Collect as many Amex or Chase points as I can to ensure I can get there in at least business class. Turkish Airlines doesn’t release much premium space, so I might have to connect and fly Lufthansa or some other airline (sad, I know).

I think the Blue Mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. And I LOVE that there’s good food all over the city!

Hong Kong and Macau

Why? I can’t explain it, but I’ve always had an interest in going to Hong Kong. I know there isn’t much sightseeing to do, and so I don’t want to spend more than a few days there…but I still want to go. Macau is kind of an add-on because of the proximity, though I may end up enjoying that city even more than Hong Kong. I love the huge hotels and atmosphere of Las Vegas, so perhaps I’ll experience the same in Macau.

The Plan – This one is pretty straightforward: it’s all about Star Alliance. I already have quite a few points with Star Alliance airlines, and I can fly any number to get there (ANA, Asiana, Air China to name a few). Alternatively, I could use British Airways Avios to fly on Cathay Pacific. There are tons of opportunities to get there!

I think this skyline looks amazing! This pic is borrowed from “sassyhongkong.com” and I hope they don’t mind!



Why? History was my favorite subject in school, and any location that can bring me face-to-face with things I’ve read about in books is definitely a plus! The pyramids in Giza are likely on a ton of travelers’ lists of places to go. There’s been some political turmoil there recently, so that might scare some people away, but that also means things should be cheap!

The Plan – There’s sort of a similar plan here that I laid out for getting to Turkey – collect as many Amex and Chase points as I can, because who knows what opportunities will be available when it’s time to go? I haven’t heard great things about Egypt Air, which is part of Star Alliance, but I could potentially fly any number of airlines via Europe.

Who DOESN’T want to see Egypt?!


4 responses to “Bucket List

  1. I just got back from Istanbul, Turkey and have your #1 and #2 on my list! Did Hong Kong a few years ago. Thanks for reminding me why I am doing this!

    • That’s awesome! I’m actually knocking off two of these bucket list items over Thanksgiving. I’m visiting Hong Kong and Macau, and on my way back I’m flying Singapore Airlines First from HKG-SFO! I can’t wait!

      Hopefully Turkey is in my future as well!!!

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  3. Good choice putting Istanbul on your list. Out of all the places I’ve visited in the world, Istanbul is my absolute favorite. I think it has everything you could possible want out of a vacation destination (minus the over water bungalows). The Grand Hyatt is great place to stay, and I’m still mad the Park Hyatt was sold out during my trip. The Radisson Bosphorous has an excellent location, if you have some Club Carlson points to burn. I was there 5 days and didn’t get to see everything. It’s not a stretch at all to plan for a 10 day stay in Istanbul.

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